Saturday, 30 April 2011

Alistair Laurie Triumph

The photograph at the head of this blog is of a Triumph Trident engined special built by Scotsman Alistair Laurie in about 1983. Mr Laurie made his own Rob North styled frame to create this thing of beauty.

He also took Colin Chapman’s mantra of just adding lightness to new levels, making everything as thin as possible and then drilling holes in it. It is rumoured that he once took a pair of magnesium Offenstadt wheels back to Tony Foale & asked him to machine them down to make them lighter.

Scouring the web I have found photographs of similar Laurie triples in green & also red colour schemes.  I don't know if it is this bike evolving each year or if he produced a few of them . The year I photographed this machine I also spotted this one so I suspect it may be the latter.

I believe that with various trick engine bits & a 998 capacity the goal was to break the 200mph barrier. The dustbin fairing would certainly aid the aerodynamics but he must have had sleepless nights about the additional weight.  

Form following function rather well here I think:

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